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Psychics who profit by pretending to communicate with your loved ones take in vast amounts of money each year, preying on people's desire for reassurance. There are those of us in the skeptic community who are doing our best to make their lives uncomfortable. The last thing they want is attention from us.

Like fictional vampires, they fear sunlight; they don’t want it to illuminate their methods.

We document. We lay out a trap.

We expose them as the Grief Vampires they are.

Lemon Cake

Thomas John

Stage psychic medium with a television show (Seatbelt Psychic)


Dr. Todd Grande (Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health)  
Talking to the Dead or Searching Facebook? - Thomas John Case Analysis

Operation Pizza Roll

Operation Lemon Meringue


What is "hot reading"?

A technique used when giving a psychic reading in a stage magic performance. The reader uses information about members of the audience, usually from previous background research such as social media posts. It can be used for entertainment. Grief Vampires use it to deceive and gain your trust.

What is your goal?

That just depends, are we doing our own pre-show? Are we writing an article, filming a video? It’s possible that we are attending with a reporter. We might want to just shake up the psychic. It is important to have a clear goal before you put it into action. Also important to report back on what you learned, the good and the bad so other activists can learn.

Operation Onion Ring

Why the odd titles?

Ridiculous names are easy to remember, easy to spell and when you say the name, people smile and ask questions. Also, local skeptics groups might want to pick them up in their own activism.


Stage psychic and reality show personality (Meet the Fraser's TV show) - best cold-reader Susan Gerbic has seen in person


Matt Fraser

Operation Peach Pit

How do you pick the targets?

That just depends on our goal. If we are trying to catch a hot-reader, then we are looking for someone that is strong on social media and hungry. Sometimes we pick the target because of their location or because one of the team is in that area. Other times we pick them because they are making egregious claims (more than normal). Other times they are brought to our attention.

All are fair game.

Bee on a Daisy

Chip Coffey

TV psychic - Psychic Kids - Paranormal State - Kindred Spirits - Ghost hunter

Operation Bumblebee


Why not call out the psychic at the event?

Because our goal isn’t to convince or offend the audience. They have paid a bunch of money, some are really big fans. They don’t want to have someone tell them that everything they know is wrong. Besides if you are thrown out, you can’t be there to learn.

Pills on Spoons

New Zealand Psychic who channels healers - supplement retailer - anti-vax - anti 5G - ran for NZ parliament - photographs orbs, calls them ghosts

Jeanette Wilson


How do you pay for these operations?

These do cost some money, if we are attending an event, we bring as many people as we can, and scatter them around the room to watch and record. In the past I usually have just paid out of pocket for everything, then ask for donations from Facebook friends. Now that About Time is involved, we can pull in more donations to use.

Ice Cream Cones

James Van Praagh & Tim Braun

Van Praagh - known for book "Talking to Heaven" had TV miniseries "Living with the Dead" - Braun is endorsed by Van Praagh as the real thing mainly does private online readings


Operation Ice Cream Cone

  • Operation Ice Cream Cone - Second sting by the Guerilla Skeptics - used fake Facebook pages - featured Heather Henderson proving she can act! (February 2015)
Fried Potato

Tyler Henry 

Tyler Henry is a television psychic with an increasingly large television presence. He relies on interviews with celebrities to increase his own audience on E! Network and Netflix

Operation Tater Tot

How can I help?

We are always looking for more help, usually these operations run for a set amount of time. You can help us find the next target, do research, infiltrate their community. Also you can help maintain our social media “friends” that need to appear real all year-long. location isn’t an issue. Just raise your hand and let me know what you want to do, we will keep you busy.

Tool Set

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