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The Not-So-Full Story


A long, long time ago, Susan Gerbic was visited by a fairy godfather, otherwise known as Tim Farley, and was told that Wikipedia was a place to make a difference. Where accurate, scientific information was so important since it would be viewed by so many. This visit resulted in Susan starting GSoW, to find others, like herself, to work on pages ranging from science to fringe, ensuring that accurate information is found on Wikipedia. The program has grown to include a training program that has attracted editors from around the world, using multiple languages.


Inspired by Robert Lancaster (of Stop Sylvia Browne fame) Gerbic became interested in the world of psychic mediums. She and various others have created elaborate stings, exposing the tricks of the trade. Her partner Mark Edward coined the phrase Grief Vampire to relate to the mediums they investigate.

In February, 2020, About Time officially became a non-profit 501 (c) (3)

EIN 82-3830097



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The mission of About Time is to find, mentor and train people to educate and promote science and scientific skepticism through crowd-sourced and educational activities world-wide. This is done through conference attendance, lectures, videos, podcasts, and interaction on social media and in person. Attending skeptical workshops, and participating in hands-on as well as online instruction are all encouraged.


To find, train and mentor more people to leave their armchairs and become the organizers and leaders we need to continue to fight misinformation and fraudsters.

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Susan Gerbic

The Wikipediatrician

Who is she?

  • co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics and a self-proclaimed skeptical junkie.

  • founder of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW) project.

  • a frequent contributor to Skeptical Inquirer Magazine (CSICOP) and the Skeptic Zone Podcast.

  • a Scientific and Technical Consultant for CSI since 2015

  • 2018 founded the About Time non-profit organization focusing on scientific skepticism and activism

Awards and accolades:



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